Nature’s way to youthful skin


Harnessing Mother Nature’s secrets to younger looking skin, Velvet Season provides a luxury natural skin care range exclusively designed to protect and revive ageing skin from the constraining elements of time and the modern day.

Made from high quality natural plants known for their age-defying properties and active climate-adjusting qualities, our skin care treatments are also enriched with natural oils ideally suited to your skin type! Each infused with specially selected aromatic natural flower waters to expertly cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin; enjoy a serene home Spa experience each and every day!

Whether you have mature, dry, sensitive or oily skin; pick your perfect Velvet Season beauty regime and discover nature’s way to youthful skin, today!


Luxury Hand Cream - 100ml

Luxury Hand Cream with Fragonia and Sandalwood
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Anti aging cream - 50ml

Bio-Active Face Cream with Arctic Blueberry
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Exfoliating Face Cream - 60ml

Exfoliating Face Cream with Jojoba and Sandalwood Powder
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