Benefits of Natural Beauty Products



“What is a facial toner for?” I hear this question from my customers from time to time.

It has become known that facial toners are an essential part of the basic beauty routine. Toners are applied after cleansing or steaming the skin. Clean skin should be cooled and balanced with a flower water, infusion or herbal decoction. For the best results, toners should be sprayed onto face and neck, and dry naturally acting as astringents to close the pores, protect the skin against some bacteria and help to freshen up every morning or after a long day!

Velvet Season (VS) Facial Toners are a combination of organic floral waters (also known as hydrolates extracted during the process of manufacturing essential oils), herbal infusions and decoctions, and active ingredients, e.g. Aloe Vera. Floral waters stimulate toning and moisture retaining effect to boost Dry and Mature Skin, where petals infusion and herbal decoctions are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for  Oily Skin, soothing and healing Sensitive Skin. Trying to stay as natural as possible, we have decided to avoid using alcohol in the VS Toners. Enjoy your beauty touch!